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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution


We believe in “pre-litigation management“, where our lawyers advise on prospects and procedural options of a case, as well as conducting negotiations, where appropriate. In litigation, our lawyers appear often in courts representing clients in various matters, be it at the magistrate courts level or to the highest court in Malaysia, the Federal Court. Our dispute resolution practice group also provide representation in arbitration, adjudication and mediation proceedings.

Our legal services include general civil ligation work, from drafting of demands and claims; instituting and conducting recovery proceedings; preparation and hearings of various applications, including more complex applications like injunctions and specific performance to full trial proceedings. We also represent our clients in appeals involving complex contractual and commercial cases.

Apart from these, our criminal law practice includes matters concerning corporate criminal liability, regulatory enforcement, corruption offences, money laundering offences and white-collar crimes. With our extensive experience in dealings with authorities such as the Royal Malaysia Police, Royal Malaysian Customs, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Inland Revenue Board, Immigration Department of Malaysia and Department of Environment, our clients are always assured of a complete and all-encompassing representation.

Our scope includes:-

  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Adjudication